Linear Electro-Magnetic Actuators

What is an LHDC Linear Actuator?

  • Motor producing force in one direction
  • Friction-free non-contacting action
  • Hysteresis-free bi-directional force
  • Force is proportional to current
  • Single phase coils, commutation not needed
  • Base on "voice coil" principal

Moving Coil or Moving Magnet?

  • Most LHDC actuators work either way
  • Move coil for low moving mass
  • Move magnet for better heat transfer

Why Use LHDC Linear Actuators?

  • Precision positioning to &lt0.1 nanometer
  • Force efficient: force/mass ratio to 100 NT/kg
  • Power efficient: motor constants to 20 NT/rootW
  • Fast time constants, no metal in coil

Size, Travel and Clearance are User-Definable

  • Optomize for your application
  • Travel from 0.1 to 400 mm
  • Clearance from 0.1 to 25 mm
  • Force up to 200 newtons
  • 4 week delivery in most cases

Three Types to Select From

CS Actuator has high efficiency and low cost

EC Actuator is compact with large travel

LD Actuator has 4 to 8 actuators in a single unit

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