About Us

Left Hand Design Corporation (LHDC) is characterized by responsiveness and flexibility at a reasonable cost.

We are a young company of experienced precision pointing engineers and startup businessmen. LHDC was formed in 1993 by four people who worked together for eight to ten years at Ball Aerospace. We developed similar precision pointing systems and components for aerospace applications. Additional employees and team members, including the University of Colorado Aerospace and Engineering Department, provide more than two hundred years of business experience.

LHDC maintains satellite facilities and computer equipment for research, design, and business tasks. Assembly, integration, and testing are performed in LHDC's laboratory and shop in Longmont, Colorado. The Orbital Systems Laboratory at the University of Colorado is used for additional system performance, analysis, and testing.

Design, analysis, assembly, integration, and testing are performed in-house. We utilize the University of Colorado's Aerospace Engineering Department and independent sub-contractors for additional analytical capability. Local facilities are used for machining, environmental testing and non-critical optics. A variety of high-quality beryllium, glass, silicon carbide, and aluminum optics are prcured from vendors around the world.

We are now making recently developed technology cost-effective for today's competitive business environment.